Captain George W. Pollard
Captain George W. Pollard

Lieut. Pollard G.W.


Sgt. G. Pollard

10 Plt. “A” Coy

H.L.I. of C.



Enlisted at Galt on June 24/40.

Left for Stratford June 25th.

Spent two weeks on Rifle Ranges at Long Branch end of August to first part of Sept.

Left Stratford early part of June for Cove Field Base, Quebec City. Arrived in Quebec with temperatuve at 40° below zero.

While in Quebec ...



... we visited Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, and also Montmorency Falls.

We also found real hospitality at the Grande Allee Baptist Church and at the home of Mr. + Mrs. Pinkerton.

Visited museum there, and enjoyed a conducted tour around the Citadel. Also made a visit across river to Lévis on Ferry through the ice, with George Agnes.

Quebec / Debert


Spent one Saturday afternoon skiing on “Plains of Abraham

Feb. - Left on advanced guard for Debert, Nova Scotia arriving there in blizzard and mud up to our necks.

In Debrert had some great times under leadership of Rev. Bob Munroe.

Attended First Baptist Church, in Truro and made many good friends. Mr. + Mrs. Barrass ...

Captain George W. Pollard Captain George W. Pollard Captain George W. Pollard



... opened their home up to us, (myself, George Agnes, Frank Hadley) and we had some wonderful times.

Made a two week trip down to Aldershot ranges near Kentville. The scenery through the Annapolis Valley was wonderful. Passed by Acadia University at Wolfville.

Went home on Embarkation Leave early in July. Was met by May and ...



... and Uncle Harry at Union Station, Toronto at 1.30 A.M. and enjoyed three glorious days at home. Left for Debert again and a few days later we boarded train for Halifax.

Arrived on Board S.S. Strathmore, (P.Y.O. line) at 12:45 P.M. on Sunday July 21st. Set sail on Monday at 12 o’clock noon on July 22 / 41.

Crew composed of Hindus + Lascars.

On Board


Dropped depth charges on three different occasions, and rumours says that we got sub.

Convoyed by Malaya and number of destroyers. Other troops ships in convoy were Orion, Empress of Canada, Duchess of York and ship carrying Italian prisoners of war.

Slept in hammock first two nights, but after that slept with George Agnes on flat deck.

Mid Atlantic (July  1941) S.S. Strathmore Strathmore (July 1941)
“Lascar Crew”
Some of the Hindu crew washing deck.



Man buried at sea from Malaya.

Sea was comparatively calm, but weather got very cold as we took Northernly Route.

Planes came out to meet us a day from shore and convoy split up for different parts.

Arrived in Gourock on Firth of Clyde on Monday evening July 28 / 41 and anchored in Holy Loch. Sunset + hills were beautiful.



Landed by tender on 30th of July, and were met by Imperial H.L.I. pipe band of Glasgow.

Left Gourock passed through Glasgow, crossed to Edinburgh on East Coast and arrived at Talavera Barracks, Aldershot on July 31 / 41. Witnessed first air raid en route.

While in Aldershot attending supper Elms Rd. Baptist Church and made many good friends there. (S. P. Goodge).



On landing leave paid first visit to London, and made it a real sightseeing tour. Visited many places, Parliament Bldgs., Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, West-minister Abbey, Tower Bridge, Albert Hall, Madame Tussaud’s and many places of interest.

Attending P.T. course at Aldershot P.T. School.

Inspected by King + Queen Left Aldershot for Camberley in Sept. 41.

Left Camberley ...

Bognor Regis


... on advacned guard for Bognor Regis at end of November.

Left R.A.P. to join rifle Coy. “A” in March.

Attended Canada Grove Baptist Church. (Rev Kingsbury).

Made our official home at Mrs. Corkes, Station House.

Spent Christmas at Mrs. Corkes 1941.

Billets sprayed a couple of times with machine gun fire from Jerry.

London (August 10th, 1941) England (August 1941)
“Leaves in Merry England”
Myself, Aunt Sis and Bert taken at 39th Valetta Rd. “Leaves in Merry England”
Uncle Bob, Valetta Road. (October 1941) Camberly, England (November 1941)
Bob Sloat & myself on back lawn of Rotherwod.
English Coast (December 17th 1941)
Taken by Capt. Freele M.O.
George Marie & myself, digging trenches near our house, for our bomb shelters. Albert Schmidt with his back to camera. Bognor Regis, English Coast (Dec. 8th 1941)
Coastal Defences. Looking out towards France. Notice the spray.

Bognor Regis


Feb - George Agnes and I spent our leave in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh.

Visited the Castle, Holyrood Palace, St. Giles Cathedral, John Knox home and the zoo in Edinburgh.

April 42. - Paid visit to Mr. + Mrs. McLachie in Warminister (Wiltshire).

Left Bognor Regis May 3rd for Billinghurst.

Left Billinghurst two weeks later on Tiger Scheme ...



... and landed in a new camp Horam, a real mud-hole.

Left there July 15 on N.C.O. course at C.T.S. Borden and repaired unit via Holding Unit seven weeks later (Sept 10) at Wykhurst Park, Bolney near Haywards Heath.

While there attended Bond St. Baptist Church, Brighton.

Spent leave in Birmingham Coventry and London. Coventry was laid ...

Bognor Regis, English Coast (Dec. 8th 1941)
Coastal Defences. Looking out towards France. Notice the spray. Bognor Regis, English Coast (Dec. 8th 1941)
Coastal Defences. Looking out towards France. Notice the spray. England (March 1942)
All Ashore
The barge hits the beach, the front is rolled down and the boys are tearing out onto the beach to take up their positions. I was in the rear of middle row and hung back a minute to take their picture. Notice the sailor.
England (March 1942)
Capt. Freele with his cup of tea. Laurie Herbert fast asleep in back of our truck. Notice the kettle boiling on the stove in truck. On a scheme in south of England. Hailing Island, England (March 1942)
Cpl. G. Pollard
Taken on a small island off the coast, while on a scheme. Hailing Island, England (March 1942)
England (March 1942)
One of our carriers tearing along. Ableson from Gault standing up. notice naval officer too. On one of our schemes.
Bognor Regis, England (April 1942)
On the sands of Bognor Regis after a dip in the briny. England (April 1942)
Looking out across the channel from ack ack post. You see I’m really on the job.
England, (April 1942)
Harry Duhnam, an airforce sgt. attache to us and Merv Knapp on roof (ack ack guard). Bognor Regis, England (April 1942)
Asleep on the job, Buck Johnson and Red Orton, on top of pier roof.
Teford, England (May 1942)
“Leaves in Merry England”
11 o’clock Saturday night and another meal. Notice how my plate at the end is piled up. Crab, lettuce, beets, potato salad, fruit and trifle. Teford (May 1942)
'Leaves in Merry England'
Saturday afternoon and Eric & I went for a spin.
Teford, England (May 1942)
Morning paper and cup of tea. On leave at Aunt & ____, the first time I’ve slept in a bed for almost 3 months. England (May 1942)
Churchill Tank
A column of our 40 ton tanks rolling by on one of our schemes. England (May 1942)
Italian P.O.W. Camp
England (June, 1942)
Dixie McDonald + George Pollard
Sgt. Major McDonald ad myself talking to Coy. Headquarters on an 'Eighteen Set'. England (June 1942)
Hank Murray, Gordie Gremen and Pat McQuiggan and Paddy (A Coy. mascot) doing a little washing.
A Coy N.C.O.s London (July 1942)
One of the large barrage balloons coming down to rest.
England (July 1942)
“Horrible Horam”
Some of “A” Coy. Sussex, England (July 1942)



... flat from blitz.

Left Wykehurst for Strood Park near Horsham late in Oct.

Attended Brighton Rd. Baptist Church (Rev. Johnson). in Horsham.

Spent three weeks in Scotland on Commando training. Camp on Lock Sunart. Training around Loch Shiel, Loch Moidart. Climbed Ben Resipol, Loga & Ben Gair. Resipol (2770 ft.). Saw Ben Nevis.



Lots of deer around mountains, and the venison was good.

Trained all morning on Christmas day, and had Christmas dinner out of mess tins.

New Years Eve and New Years Night were sleeping under trees in snow and rain the the hills.

Our bodgers. was at Salem in Argyllshire. Assault course was at Dorbin.

(East Preston)


Returned from Scotland to Strood Park, Horsham on Jan 6th

Spent seven days in London and had night in air raid (from 1600-1700). Barrage was terrific, shrapnel dropping around us. Ten planes were shot down.

Left Strood Park Jan 19th and marched 27 miles to a new camp at Angmering on sea.

England (July 1942)
Tommy Hellcat, myself, Aly March and “Scotty” Campbell.
England (1942) Horsham Bognor Regis (November 25th 1942)
Mel’ & Sylvia on the Baptist Church steps, after their wedding.
Salem (January 1943)
“The immigrant”. Trafalger Square (January, 1943)
Earl Hamilton 14th R.C.A. and the “old bird man”.

Isle of Wight


Left Horsham by train for Southhampton, there boarded Princess Charlotte. Anchored three days off Isle of Wight and made several landings from L.A.C. craft,in vincinity of Cowes.


Left Angmering-on-Sea for Brookwood Feb. 16 / 43 to attend Bisley Camp, Hythe Wing, small arms school lasting until March 25th. then to Aldershot C.R.U. and returned to Angness-on-sea April 2/43.


April 26 left Angmering-on-Sea for West Chilinting Common (eastern Storington + Pullborough) Sussex.

June 1st 43.
Left Pullborough, S.O.S. to Holding Unit for Pre-OCTU.

June 20 43.
Left Aldershot for Pre-OCTU School (three week duration) at Blackdown, Seaway.

Returned to 3 C.T.R.U. July 10th nd left for N.E.T.D. July 20/43

July 31st 1943

Left N.E.T.D. (Dursley Common) for Gourock, Scotland, where we arrived Aug. 1st and board the French Liner, Pasteur. The Following day we took 1800 prisoners (Afrika Korps and Goering Div.) aboard and set sail the evening, 2nd of Aug.

Aug 9
Arrived at New York in bright sunny weather disembarked in eve. and went by bus to Grand Central Station. Following morning we passed across lourdes ...

Sussex, England (May 1943)
7 Plt. Cliff Climbing Sussex, England (May 1943)
Taken from top of cliff. 7 Plt. Bognor Regis (May 19th, 1943)
Sgt. E. Pollard
Sgt. G. Pollard
Outside Bognor Regis Baptist Church. I had just met Ernie off the train.
Sherwood Forest, Notts. England (1943)
Wireless Training

... at St. Armand’s, Quebec. Channel to Montreal, for dispersal to depots. Arrived in London at 0100 hrs Aug 11th and proceed home after short rest.

Received six days leave, then back to depot for documentation, and on to Brockville O.T.C. where we arrived on the 20th Aug. 43.

Graduation from O.T.C. Brockville on 13 Nov. 43.

Had six days leave and then reported to A29 Camp Ipperwash to qualify for 2nd pip. Graduated from School of Instruction on 17th Dec. 43 as full lieutenant.

March 24 / 44
Arrived back at Brockville OTC for Officers Refresher Course.

May 23 / 44
Returned to A29 Ipperwash on completion of Refresh Course.

June 21/44
Left Ipperwash for 6 days Embarkation Leave.

“Leaves in Merry England”
London - last leave. (August 1943)
Uncle Herbert
Ernie “Leaves in Merry England”
Ernie, Sylvia, George
Conventry (September 1943)
I took this from inside the old Cathedral. Brockville, Ontario (November 13th 1943)
“Graduation Day “1 Pip”
“Ben Loga” (December 1943)

June 29 / 44

Left Ipperwash for Debert. Spent 1 day in Montreal and arrived at No. 2 Transit Camp, Debert on 1 July.

While in Debert went on couple of fishing tips with Jock Freeman and caught nice trout supper.

3 Aug - 44

Sailed from Halifax at 0720 hrs on the Empress of Scotland, formerly Empress of Kapan.

11 Aug. 44

Arrived into Liverpool on morning of the 10th Aug. after good voyages and went ashore on following day 11th Aug. 44.

Boarded train and travelled up to Barnsley Yorkshire to 2C1R4. met several of the boys just out of hospital after being wounded on Normandy Front among them R.S.M Rutherford.

Preston, Ontario (January 1944)
“Week End Leave from Ipperwash”.

Aug 14 / 44

Arrived at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire advanced C.R.U. (Home of Robin Hood). The castle on the property was known as Thorsby Hall.

Left Thorsby Hall on 27 Aug. arrived at Whitley, and wound for draught on 28th. Transferred over to 2 C.J.R.U. (Whitley) to be cleared.

2 Sept. 44

Leave for 2C. B.R.G. Franse.

Stayed on board L.C.J. for four days...

but channel rough, then taken off and left for France on L.S.J. Landed at Arroamches on 7 Sept. 44.

Sept 13 / 44

Visited ruins of Caen, went over to Carpiquet Airfield and several other little villages along with Don Anderson, and Ted Fyfe.

Sept. 15 44

Capt. Bill Roelofson, Lt. Don Anderson, Ted Fyfe and myself went to beach at Bény-sur-Mer where H.L.I. touched down on “D” day and followed...

... their movements right through to Baron and Caen.

Also visited Canadian cemetery at Bény-sur-Mer where we saw graves of many of our boys, namely Ptl. Bill Strickland, R.S.M. Ted Phodes, Major Vincent Stark, Lieut Jim Horteny (S.D.G.) Lt. Jimmy Robertson and many others.

24 Sept. 44

Ted Fyfe and I visited Bayeaux by way of Caen, Bretteville via the “thunder method”.

25 Sept. 44

Left 2C.B.R.G (Downe)...

...for 13 Bn. arriving on 27 Sept. at Lille.

Moved on Oct 2nd. to ____ Belgium.

6 Oct 44

went along with Major Anderson W. to visit our unit the field. Met a lot of the old gang. Major Ray Hodgins, George Edwards, R.S.M. George Rutherford, Sgt. Edmiston + Sgt. Jimmy Whitelaw with many others.

8 Oct. 44

Attended church parade with Walter Hughes, Toronto as Padre ...

Sunday 7 Dec 44

Attended the Belgian Gospel Mission at Gent with Len Hagey.

12 Oct. 44
Moved up to 46 Forward Coy.

Friday 13 Oct. 44
Rejoined H.L.I. in Holland and took over my old plt. 7 Plt. A coy. who were fighting from dyke to dyke in Hoofdplatt on the way to Bressin.

Nov. 4 / 44

Finished Scheldt Pocket, Holland after Sassiest, Isendiche, Hoofplatts, Breshine Schoodiche finishing at Knocke, Belgium. Returned to Gent for rest and was billeted with Major Barrett in fine home of messieur + mde. Savage C. at Rue de Baguettes. Ghent.

11 Nov 44

Arrived at Nijmegen bridgehead and relieved 82nd American Airbourne Div. (Holland close to German Border).

Dessledonk, Belgium (1944)
Major Krugman D.S.O.
Lieut. Hillburg
Lieut. Pollard Dessledonk, Belgium (1944)
Rolling blankets to go up the line.

Nov. 16

Went over the border about 1 mile into Germany on a Resse with Major Barrett. That evening took patrol with Cpl. S. Erison up to German border for information as to whereabouts + strength.

25th Dec. 44

Had Christmas dinner in the line on German-Dutch border. Canned Turkey, pork, mince pie and Christmas pudding.

Dec. 44

Spent three day leave in Antwerp + Brussels with Bruce Leckie and Don Pearce.

6 Feb. 45

Went on 48 hr. leave to Brussels with Eric Isenor. Stayed at hotel Atlanta.

8 Feb. 45

Moved up clearing Nijmegen Salient, using buffaloes entering Germany. First stop Griethausen ...

Taken During 48 hr leave in Brussels (1945)
“To May + Brian with lots of love, my darling wife + son, George.” Brussels (February 1945)
Capt. G.W. Pollard & Capt. Eric Isener

... on Neder-Rhine, for a couple of days then moved up through the floods on Buffaloe through Cleves.

Took part in clearing Jerry from W. side of Rhine, including Uedem, Hochwald Forest. Met very stubborn resistance from Nazi paratroops trying to hold Wissel bridgehead.

After W. side of river cleared enjoyed 10 day rest in Reichswald Forest.

Transferred from 7 Plt. to Scout Plt.

24 March 45

"R" day

Crossed the Rhine just after dawn. Att. to 154 Bde. of 51st Highland Division. We were first Canadian unit to cross.

Fighting was tough for about a week until Bienen, Speldrop and Emerich were taken then started to ease off.

Easter Sunday Apr. 1

Went with padre to get one of my cpla. who had been killed previous day. Also found four other of our men ...

... who had made supreme sacrifices. We took them in and prepared them for burial. Later in the day we marched across German-Dutch border into Heerenburg. Here we receive a great welcome from the Dutch people.

3 April

Left unit with Major MacTaggart for tour of duty (1 month) at Div. M.C.D.’s school in Ravenstein, Holland. Billeted at the home of Mr. + Mrs. Suermondt.


20 April 45

Received word from unit of promotion to Captain, and transfer to “B” Coy as 21/C.

5 May 45

Word came through that all of the Germans in Holland and Northern Europe have capitulated. Word spread quickly throughout the village (Ravenstein) and flags appeared, the streets thronged with people and kiddies, all dressed ...

... in orange apron, hair bows and orange streamers. Our pipe band paraded through the streets and the people danced and sang. It was one of the gayest sights I had seen. The next evening the village band was out and celebrations continued again. The band had not been allowed to play during the five years of Nazi occupation.

Holland - Germany

6 May 45

Left Ravenstein for unit via Nijmegen Wnhern, Zutphen, Groningen and Aurich.

7 May


living in a German home just outside of Aurich, at 1500 hrs. word came over the radio that the Germans had signed an un-conditional surrender.

8 May 45

Attended divine ...

... service at a Lutheran Church in Aurich, to thank God for safe-keeping and victory. Capt. Jock Anderson spoke and the regular church organist (a German lady) played for us.

During the after-noon, Churchill spoke over the air. We listened in a German home at Moordorf, where we were stationed. We also herd the King broadcast to the Empire, in ...


... our officer’s mess in the evening.

12 May 45

Meeting all sorts of civilian problems. Yesterday civilians came into orderly room to say some soldier had broken into house and assaulted daughter. Another one claimed soldier had taken bicycle, another radio. Today three girls came to orderly room to say three soldiers had broken into house, threatening ...


... to shoot them if they did not sleep with them. Later Major King + myself went to their house with an interpreter. There they gave us R.M.R. flashes that fellows had left behind. Later two men came and told us they couldn’t buy bread because they weren’t real Nazis. We went to bakeshop + found out they had refused black bread and other accusation was not true.


14 May 45

Travelled to Norden to be inspected by Gen. Guy Simonds, cmdr. of 2nd Corps.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Emden, to see the havoc wrought by R.A.F. during last few years.

Leave B.L.A.

14 May 45

Left unit at Moordorf for England via Nijmegen and Calais. Landed at Folkestone on 16th and arrived in ...

... London same day.

Spent few days at Acton, a couple in Brighton and the rest in Telford.

Sailed form Folkestone on 28th and rejoined unit in Baarn Holland on 29th May.

June 2nd

Paid a visit to Utrecht, one of Hollands finest and most modern cities.

June 3rd (Hague)

In afternoon went to the Hague ...

... and visited the Parliament bldgs., Knights hall, Queen Wilhelmina’s Palace, Peace Palace (seat of the Hague Conferences built at a cost of $10,000,000, each country sharing in the cosT). The city had been badly blitzed by R.A.F. as it was launching site for V bombs.

On Sunday evening went to Amsterdam., Holland’s largest city. Attended Salvation Army meeting with ...

... Ernie Lawson, S.A. supervisor. Over the pulpit was sign, DE WERELD WOOR CHRISTUS CHRIST’S VOOR DE WERELD. A member of English Salvationer took part using an interpreter.

6 June 45

Took part in Victory parade in Utrecht in commemoration of “D” day. Whole of 3rd Div. took part. Gen. Cresas took the salute.

8 June 45

Went on sightseeing ...

... tour of Utrecht. Visited Utrecht Cathedral and climbed to top of tower (800 ft). visited places of Dutch Underground movement where they kept in touch with Allied Forces during German occupation by telephone. we were taken around by members of the force, one a Dutch girl who worked on exchange in attic and was disguised as a nurse. Secret panels in wall ...

... opened by string under roll of toilet tissue in bathroom to allow entrance.

12 June 45

Ernie Lawson and I drove down to Amsterdam and took the Van Wyk’s for a drive down through Haarlem to the North Sea Coast.

23 June 45

Pibroch Camp near Appledoorn. Presented with “mentioned in despatches” by Lt. Col. Hodgins.


24 June 45

Took jeep and drove down to Rotterdam, to have a look at city. Although considerably damaged from bombing, there was some very modern buildings left. Had dinner at officers club there.

30 June 45

Left Pibroch Camp with 35 men as advance party for unit to Zeist, Holland.

Holland (1945)
Captain G. Pollard
Captain D. Anderson H.L.I. of Canada, V.J. Day
Utrecht, Holland Holland (1945)
“B” Coy. Jeep Holland (1945)
Niew Milligen
Utrecht, Holland (June 1945)
“Memories of Dutch Underground”
Sightseeing Tour of Dutch Underground Hideouts Utrecht, Hollad (June 1945)
“Memories of Dutch Underground”
Girl in centre worked on underground telephone ex-change which kept in touch with allied forces during Nazi occupation.
“B” Coy., Baarn Holland (June 1945)
Front Row (L to R)
CSM Mcleod, Sgt. Tuttle, CQMS Kerr, CPL. Peltier

Lt. MacAthur, CQMS. How, Major Crig, Capt. Pollard


8 July 45

Met Len Hagey at Christian Fellowship meeting in Appledoorn.

Zeist - 15 August 45

Received news of Japanese Capitulation.

Zeist - 21 Aug. 45

HLA won 3rd Div. Cross-country Championship. I had privilege of forming + coaching team. Placed 3rd myself in race.

22 Aug. 45

Team went to Ede to be presented with medals by Gen. Kiefler.


2 Sept. 45

Jock Anderson and I went to the fishing village of Volendam where all the inhabitants where their native costume. From there we crossed by boat to the island of Markhem also a fishing village, where the wear only native costume. The people in Volendam are 100% R.C. and in the island of Marken are solidly Protestant. They have no dealings whatsoever with ...


... each other.

We went into the house of a fisherman. It was quite small, the beds being build into the walls of the room. The walls of the rooms were covered with fancey plates (two or three hundred plates) which is quite typical of their homes. Up until the age of six the boys all wear long shirts, but at six they go into the fishermans trousers, at seven the get their first hair-cut. The women ...

... wear their hair shoved at the back with two long tails down each side and bangs that shoot straight out in front. Their wedding garments are never new but are handed down from one generation to the next. When a couple become engaged instead of a ring the boy gives his bride to be a pair of very fancy hand-carved clogs which must be the work of his own hands.

Bunshcoten, Holland (1945)
Love at First Sight Bunshcoten, Holland (July 1945)
Children of Fisherfolk
”B” Coy. Jeep (August 1945)
L.T. Eddy + Myself Three Bunschoten Belles
Bunshcoten, Holland (August 1945)
Colour of Epaulettes designates family name. Island of Marken, Holland (August 1945)
Marken Lassies Island of Marken, Holland (August 1945)
Island of Marken, Holland
Jock Anderson Volendam
Ravenstein (1945) Lt. Phil Ibister (1945)
Niew Milligen, Holland
George Pollard
Major C.M. Craig Niew Milligen, Holland
George Pollard
Major C.M. Craig
C.S.M. Wilson
Capt. G. Pollard
CQMS Doc. Kerr Niew Milligen, Hollad (July 1945)
Bill Fedderson
CSM J. McLeod Zeist, Netherlands (1945)
Major H. Craig, Lt. Sparks, Col. R.D. Hogdibs, Croix D.G., Capt. J. Ferguson M.C., Lt. Ausie Tancock
Niew Milligen, Holland (July 1945)
Horse Stables, where men where quartered. Niew Milligen, Holland
Beinen, Germany (1945)
George W. Pollard Zeist, Netherlands (1945)
Major Craig
Capt. Ferguson
Capt. Pollard
Niew Milligen, Holland
The end of a B22 Flying Fort. Niew Milligen, Holland
B22 Flying Fortress (Crashed)

There are 1400 people on the island and only six family names. For their living they depend entirely on fishing.

REPAT 11 Sept. 45

Left unit for Repat. Camp at Nijmegen, along with Major GPR. Edwards, Galt.

14 Sept.

Left Repat Camp at Nijmegen arriving at Port of Ostende Belgium on 080hrs. 15th.

15th Sept.

Embarked at Ostend ...

...on Prince Charles arriving at Dover about 2200 hrs. At 03.20 hrs next morning (16th) boarded train for No 2 Repat Camp, Blackdown.

17 Sept.

left on 72 hour leave which I spent at Acton + Telford.

On return to Repat Depot where granted another day leave.

22 Sept.

Major Edwards G. ...

... and Capt. Walker H. and myself left for St. I was, Cornwall. Stayed at Porthminister Hotel and had excellent time. Rugged Cornwall coastal scenery was very beautiful. Visited Penzance, Lamorna Cove, Quay Bay, Truro and several other places of interested. Returned via Paddington 29th Sept. 45 to No. 2 Repat Depot. Blackdown.


Oct 20 - 45

Left No. 2 Repat Depot, Blackdown, for Southampton and boarded the Queen Elizabeth (83,675 tons, 1030 ft. long). Sailed for home 1100 hours 22nd and arrived at Halifax 1000 hrs.

26 Oct.

arrived home via London 28 Oct.

3 Dec. 45

Returned to No. 1 District Depot, London

4 Dec. 45

Received discharge and returned to civilian life.

Southampton (October 22nd 1945)
Homeward Bound
Ready to sail. Queen Elizabeth.
Galt, Ontario (December 29th 1945)
Welcome home decorations. Ainsle and Main.

Work Again

10 Dec. 45

Started work as shoe cutter at Savage Shoe Co. Preston.

17 Jan. 46

Gave notice at Savage Shoe.

21 Jan. 46

Started at “Ont. Boys Training School”, Galt as supervisor over boys.

Sept. 46

Promoted to House-Master of Collingwood House (senior boys).

1 Oct. 47

Promoted to Placement Officer. Went to Bownmanville for few days, working with placement staff. Doug Peryant, Don Mason and Don Williamson, under J. J. Brown.

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Further reading of connected events, as well as an outline of what George's friend, Captain Jock Anderson, experienced. Also includes a photograph of Captain J.A. Ferguson, Lieutenant E.R. Isnor, and Captain D.A. Pearce on the day that they crossed the Rhine.

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